tropical smoothie bowl

tropical smoothie bowl

there's something SO satisfying about decorating a smoothie bowl. it's like living out my dreams of being Julia Child, an artist(e!) living in Paris in the 1920's, and a BB (that's 'basic bitch' for those of you who aren't Bravo-lebrity fans) all at once! all of the magic until you can't figure out how to get the right lighting to take the photograph to post on your Instagram! either way, the smoothie always satisfies the taste buds and the belly. 

this smoothie bowl was created in the spirit of Small Business Saturday, so we collaborated with 3 other food businesses run by some strong & independent women. this smoothie bowl should ALSO make you feel strong and i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t (do you know what that means?). in case ya care, this recipe is vegan, GF (not certified), and all the other stuff.

  1. place the Snow Monkey açai ice cream into a blender with the mylk. blend until smooth!
  2. pour the mixture into a cute bowl.
  3. top with the Amäzi jackfruit chews, Lil Bucks buckwheat cereal, goji berry nosh bar, and shredded coconut. 
  4. get that perf photo and tag us on Instagram if you do!

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photo tips

to get that perfect shot, place your subject and picture props next to a window that gets a lot of natural light! the light is best on cloudy days (keeps shadows out of your photo while still giving all the brightness!). but if it's not cloudy, just keep your subject out of direct sunlight and you're good to go! take a bunch of pics, and FAST, so you can edit and pick the best ones. happy noshing!


recipe & photos courtesy of the creative founder of Swapples.

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