juneteenth 2020


Eat good. Feel good. Do good. The foundation of our company lies in our belief that to be your best starts with feeling your best. Our overarching mission is to help people accomplish this through eating nutritious food and by improving access* to nutritious food for people who don't have it. To be as transparent as our packaging, we’re not sure exactly what this looks like yet for us, but we have ideas and want to make a widespread impact that is also sustainable (in all meanings of the word)**. You may not be aware, but there is a lot of racial inequality in health, food, and the great outdoors. To continue the momentum of Black Lives Matter in June 2020, we’re using this Juneteenth to celebrate, educate, and agitate

*Access means more than just geographical distance to food stores. Access also refers to money and time: accessible costs and having access to the time it requires to prepare healthy food.

**P.S. We are working on one thing in particular and will be sharing more on that in the short term.


This year, we provided snacks for Hike and Heal's Juneteenth Silent Hike Protest, which they organized to support the Black Lives Matter initiative. This black and woman founded organization was created to introduce diverse women to the outdoors. ‘There was an essential opportunity to bring women together from all backgrounds, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes to hike as a form of internal and external healing.’ Although the event sold out in one day (!) you can still support them if you feel moved to by purchasing a mask from their website. They're donating a portion of proceeds to a woman-owned non-profit called, Make The Distinction, whose mission is to lead and guide girls between the ages of 13-18 to build confidence and develop life skills. 


The Great Outdoors

Too often, by default, black people are perceived as threats to white people's physical safety. It's important to read and hear as many stories as possible of what it is like to be black in America. Here's a piece by Carolyn Finney, telling her story here of what it's like to be a black woman in the great outdoors. 

Our Food System

Where does your food come from? Who picks your onions, apples, and tomatoes? Convict leasing for agriculture - it's a system that allows states to sell prison labor to private farms. It has racist roots and it's making a come back. Learn more.

Public Health

Environmental racial inequality is real. There is a racial gap between who causes air pollution and who breathes it. Read this article to learn about the topic. Watch this video or read this article to learn why air pollution is contributing to black people dying from Covid-19 at disproportionately high rates. Read this and this for a more in depth read or this for a short read. 


If you're feeling agitated after reading about racial injustice, then make sure you go out and vote for state officials and a president who will work to make changes towards systematic racial equality! Learn about your state officials here

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