I met Leighann the first time I went to Nuboxx

in Washington, DC and saw her there every single additional time I visited the studio. I asked Rachel (Nuboxx founder) about her and learned that she’s a two-a-day’r. I was in awe, witnessing her punches and her dedication to the sport and to herself. After class one day, I saw her grab a nosh bar, and used it as an invitation to awkwardly introduce myself and see if I could learn more about her and her boxing and find out how nosh bar fits into her lifestyle. 

WHAT DOES A TYPICAL DAY LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? I start my day around 4 or 5 AM and hit the ground running. I have a high stress job (often very long hours), so I’m typically on my laptop by 6 AM. I use boxing as a way to schedule my days and my week, and add balance in my life. It’s extremely important to me to take at least an hour out of each day to go workout.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GO TO NUBOXX? I typically go at least once day but I love my two-a-days! Boxing is critical to maintaining my work-life balance, stress levels, and general mental health.

WHAT DOES YOUR BOXING REGIMEN LOOK LIKE? I try to follow the Nuboxx training program – they strategically have four classes that, when taken together, are designed to make you a better boxer. I take their technical class to improve my technique; their boxing conditioning class to get some technical work in while also getting my butt kicked in conditioning; their strength and conditioning class to take a break from the mitts and bags and focus on getting stronger and faster; and, their 30/30 class, which brings everything together – boxing technique, strength, and conditioning.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE CONDITIONING EXERCISE? One of the most exhausting exercises is when you are hitting mitts or the body suit (worn by the coach) constantly. Those knock me out in 1-2 minutes (seriously). I also love (hate) the floor ladder used for speed and agility drills.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COMBINATION? Seventeen! It’s a combination with, you guessed, seventeen punches.

WHAT OTHER TYPES OF EXERCISE DO YOU DO? I run and occasionally do yoga and spin. I’m always up for trying new workouts though.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT BOXING? I love the confidence you get from boxing. The boxing regimen challenges and pushes you to your limits physically and mentally. When you start seeing yourself getting stronger, faster, better – there’s no feeling like it. 

WHAT GOT YOU INTO BOXING? I used to be a big runner. Senior year of college I was training for a marathon and injured my knee to the point where I can’t really do long distance running anymore. I was really looking to get back in shape and found Nuboxx, which changed my life. Boxing is the only workout I’ve found to be just as good as, if not better, than running. I feel like I’m working out every muscle….some I never knew even existed!

WAS THERE ANYTHING YOU WERE AFRAID OF ABOUT BOXING BEFORE YOU TRIED IT? IF SO, WHAT DID YOU SAY TO YOURSELF TO GET OVER YOUR FEARS? I think the unknown was scary but I was just really excited for the opportunity to try a new and challenging workout. If anything I was hopeful this would be the exercise that could replace my love of running.

WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN BOXING OR IN FITNESS AND HOW DID YOU OVERCOME IT? When I was no longer able to run like I had before, I was devastated. That was such a big part of my life and who I was. I missed getting the runner’s high. Working out helps me balance other areas of my life, and motivates me to take care of myself, eat well, etc. So, when I lost running, I did not feel like myself anymore. I started losing track of my nutrition and my drive to take care of myself.  I searched for years for a workout that would feel equally challenging and rewarding. Through Nuboxx and boxing, I finally found the silver bullet, and I feel like my old self.

WHY DO YOU BOX? DOES IT EMPOWER YOU? OR IS IT JUST A FUN WAY TO STAY IN SHAPE? OR ALL OF IT!? I could go on for days. Boxing gives me a level of confidence like nothing else. And I have taken that confidence out of the studio and applied it my life in general. It’s truly returned a sense of self I thought I had lost forever when long-distance running was no longer on the table. It’s also just a really fun workout that I know is working every inch of my body. It’s led me on the path to Michelle Obama arms 😊.

WHAT ARE YOUR SHORT AND LONG TERM GOALS? I want to continue refining my boxing technique and would love to get to a point where I feel comfortable sparring someone. I want to build on the combinations I do know.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE AFRAID TO TAKE THE LEAP INTO BOXING? As we say at Nuboxx, knock down your comfort zone and find comfort in being uncomfortable. You really never know where it will take you. If you had told me a year ago I’d be a boxing enthusiast and in the best shape of my life, I’d probably laugh at you.

WHY DO YOU EAT NOSH BAR AND HOW DOES IT FIT INTO WHAT YOU DO TO REACH YOUR GOALS?  I stock up on nosh bars (peanut and goji-berry are my favorites!) every time I go to Nuboxx…and I eat them both in and outside of the studio. When I do two-a-days at Nuboxx, I’ll snack on a nosh bar in between classes. It is the perfect refuel snack and gives me the right amount of energy to kick butt for another hour. On busy work days where I’m working on client site, nosh bars have been critical to helping me get through the day! If I don’t have time to pack lunch or have a lunch break, I’m comforted knowing I have a nosh bar in my bag to keep me going!

Leighann, thank you for sharing your story with the nosh bar family and being a total inspiration! 

Leighann works out at Nuboxx. She eats peanut and goji berry nosh bars. Photo credit for first three pictures to Master Williams

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