our story

the beginning

In 2016, Michele was a busy engineer living in Washington, D.C. Her busy lifestyle meant she was burning a lot of energy and needed good on-the-go snacks that could keep up, but she never felt like there was anything healthy or convenient enough that she actually enjoyed eating.

allie and michele

Michele’s sister, who loved to bake, lived with her in D.C. Her sister was always experimenting with raw, vegan ingredients in the kitchen. Until one day, a tray of what looked like brownies came out of the oven and landed on the kitchen counter. Michele reached for a bar on the tray and discovered that it was not a brownie at all. This bar was something new and exciting.

It was a carefully crafted creation of bold, fresh flavors. It had dried fruits, nuts, and a chocolate finish. Without any added sugar, it wasn’t too sweet, it wasn't too crumbly, and it wasn't a melty mess. The first Nosh Bar was born.

These bars became a staple of daily life for Michele and her sister. Soon the bars found their way into their breakfasts, snack breaks from work, workouts, and day-off adventures. Michele and her sister were feeling great and enjoying what they created. Their friends and family incessantly harassed them to make bars to share, imploring them to start a business.

Finally, Michele did. On June 30th, 2017 (Nosh Day), the first official order was delivered. Nosh Bars had grown up and were ready to be sent out into the world and we’ve been Noshin’ with just the good stuff ever since…except when there was this little pandemic thing that tried to ruin the entire world as we know it…but we’re back!  

a new chapter

In January of 2022, Nosh Bar was purchased by Athlete and Entrepreneur Scott Schoettgen (Pronounced 'Shotgun'). Really, that's his actual name. 

"I first discovered NOSH BARS as a customer and they solved a lot of problems for me.

First, there's a lot of crap in the performance nutrition space. I don't want or need a bunch of synthetic ingredients, protein isolates, this and that supplement, syrup, or whatever else in the food I'm putting in my body. Nosh Bar had none of that crap.

And Second, I was tired of gnawing on bars that had a rubbery texture, or choking down other bars that were a sugary clump of starch. Taste, texture, and nutrition all mattered equally to me. 

Nosh Bars are crafted around just that: taste, texture, and nutrition. They were genuinely my favorite bar on the market before I ever had anything to do with the business. " ~ Scott Schoettgen

We give athletes and active people better on-the-go bars made with just the good stuff. And, in doing so, we're working to inspire an overall healthier, happier, more inclusive, and more purposeful culture in the world of sport and recreation.