long story short

allie and michele

In 2016 I was a busy engineer living in Washington, D.C. with my sister who loved to bake and experiment with healthier and raw ingredients. One day, I reached for a tray of what I thought were freshly made chocolate brownies only to be pleasantly surprised by bold, fresh flavors. When she told me they were made from dried fruits, nuts and even dates I couldn’t believe it! This is what soon became our original flavor, the chocolate bar.

ski with caution

We started eating them for breakfast, pre-workout, an afternoon snack, and even as dessert. These bars became the fuel to our everyday lives, keeping us unbelievably satisfied and energized as we powered through everything from workout classes to high elevation hikes. Because we loved them so much, we started sharing our homemade ‘date brownies’ with our friends and family who eventually begged us to make the bars for them! Encouraged by their support and insistence that we should sell them, nosh bar was born.

original nosh bar

I quickly packaged our kitchen baked goods in a plastic wrap with a string and a handwritten label and before I knew it, what started as a hobby quickly became a business. Our first official order was delivered on June 30th, 2017 and we’ve been noshing ever since!

keep noshin',

nosh bar founder

Michele, founder