made with love. made in Philly.

the concept

the look: simple, just like its ingredients. the colors represent the color of the main ingredient and the energized and happy feeling you'll get after eating a nosh bar. the ingredients are listed front and center and the packaging is clear so you know exactly what you are eating. icons for each bar are there to show you what the main ingredients look like before we turn them into delicious bars. nosh bars has been designed to make eating healthy food fun and educational and to prove that healthy food does taste good! in fact, it tastes better. try it for yourself and let us know!

who says healthy food can't taste great? nosh bars deliver high-quality, healthy ingredients in one tasty bite.

the philosophy

you could say nosh bars started in my sophomore year of college when i had my own kitchen and started cooking all of my meals. i was free from college cafeteria cuisine at last and suddenly had so much responsibility and choice! which food store would i shop at? would i buy organic or conventional? local or california? i realized that these were big questions that i wouldn't be able to answer overnight. 

i started vegucating myself about our food system and its complicated roots and what healthy eating really is by reading books on the subject and through my own experimentation. i tested out various 'diets' and learned a lot about what foods made me feel strong and energized and which ones made me feel weak and tired; which were sustainable for our planet and which were not. i even experimented with eating only what i grew to get a first hand look at the challenges of a sustainable food system: soil - transportation - food preparation - food preservation, and to compare the taste difference between what i grew and what i could buy at the food store. through all of this, i realized that the answer to my questions about food are simpler than i thought, and that michael pollan can't have said it better: eat food. not too much. mostly plants. 

nosh bar is about sorting through all of the clutter and getting straight to the point. no more diets that leave us hungry, malnourished, overweight, and tired. let's go back to the basics, keep it simple, and eat just the good stuff.