long story short

allie and michele

It was 2016, and my sister and I were engineers living in Washington D.C. together. She loved to bake, so there was always something delicious lying around our kitchen. One day, I found a tray of something she made—what I thought were brownies. I tasted one and was instantly amazed. When she told me what was actually in it (dried fruit and nuts), I couldn’t believe it. That was it. There was even a fruit in it that I had previously been afraid to try: dates.

This was the chocolate bar.

ski with caution

We started eating them for breakfast, pre-workout, an afternoon snack, and even dessert. These bars made us feel so good. No sugar spikes or drops. They kept us unbelievably full and energized, powering us through workout classes and all our outdoor adventures. Because we loved them so much, we started sharing them with our friends and family. They would all beg us to make them bars and even bring them on our ski trips. They kept telling us we should sell them. My sister then left D.C. to pursue veterinary medicine, and I continued to think about what everyone was saying about our bars.

original nosh bar

I took it upon myself to begin packaging them in plastic wrap with a string and little handwritten note. Before I knew it, what started as a hobby quickly became a business I could’ve never dreamt of in my wildest dreams.

My first official order was delivered June 30th, 2017, and that’s a day I’ll never forget. 

I hope you enjoy nosh bars as much as I do!


nosh bar founder

Michele, founder