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you don’t settle for less in life and we don’t settle for less in our bars. we believe that being able to do what you love starts with feeling your best. nosh bars fuel your life with just the good stuff.


a week's harvest at the high point of summer of a 40'x50' garden plot

you could say nosh bars started in my sophomore year of college when my GWU dorm room had its own kitchen and I was in charge of my own meals! i suddenly had so much responsibility and so many choices: food store or CSAs and farmers markets? organic or local?

i started 'vegucating' myself about our food system and its complicated roots and what healthy eating really is. i read every single michael pollan book and other books on the subject and started experimenting with food and my body. i tested out various ways of eating (100% plant based, some meat & mostly vegetables, grain free, etc.) and figured out what foods made me feel strong and energized and which ones made me feel weak and tired; which were sustainable for our planet and which were not. i even experimented with eating only what i grew to get a first-hand look at the challenges of a sustainable food system: soil - transportation - food preparation - food preservation, and to compare the taste difference between what i grew and what i could buy at the food store. through all of this, i realized that the answers to my questions about food were in front of me the whole time, and that michael pollan couldn't have said it better: eat food. not too much. mostly plants. 

nosh bar is about removing confusion around food and giving the power back to the consumer to feel confident that they can make the right choices for them and their families. no more diets that leave us hungry, malnourished, and tired. let's get back to the basics, keep it simple, and eat just the good stuff. 


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