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Energy Bar
goji berry energy bar - 12 pack
Regular price $32.00
Chocolate Vegan Energy Breakfast Bar
chocolate energy bar - 12 pack
Regular price $32.00
Vegan Energy Bar
peanut energy bar - 12 pack
Regular price $32.00
Energy Bar
lemon blueberry energy bar - 12 pack
Regular price $32.00
energy bar variety pack - 12 pack
energy bar variety pack - 12 pack
Regular price $32.00

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about nosh bar

We got tired of gnawing on bars that were too chewy, opening wrappers to a sticky, melty mess, choking down a sugary clump of starch, or putting synthetic ingredients in our bodies.

We wanted something tastier, more enjoyable, and healthier

just the good stuff

no added sugars. no preservatives. no synthetic ingredients. vegan. gluten free.

the stuff without the fluff

Many brands use food powders or synthetically derived protein powders to sell them as "nutrition" products.

They cut costs by overloading bars with cheap bland ingredients like rice crisps, syrups, and flours.

They skimp on nutrient dense whole ingredients like nuts and dried fruits.

Or, they make "low calorie" (i.e. less food) bars.

We don't.

a nutrient dense blend of deglet noor dates, nuts, dried fruits, and spices for great taste, texture, and nutrition

Nosh Bars are a vegan, no added sugar, gluten free snack bar that you’ll actually enjoy eating. Keep them on hand for healthy breakfast bars on your way out the door, energy bars for adventuring on your days off, workout recovery food, or healthy snacks to get you through your shift at work.

make life more interesting

keep it real